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Water Chemistry


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This may be a really dumb question but Im trying to get a handle on it before experimenting.


If I add 50% tap and 50% ro water will it revert to tap conditions or somewhere in between?


In other words if 8.2ph 0-1gh 9-10kh at 50% added to 7.0ph 5-6gh 0-1kh become 8.2ph 5-6gh 9-10kh?


I suspect it will be somewhere in the middle like maybe 7.6ph 2-3gh and 4-5kh?


Sorry if this is dumb I cant seem to find the answer or maybe just not understand it lol.

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Thanks for your reply :) for the purpose of discussion this question would be primarily focusing on Neos using an inert substrate. I have successfully kept them using straight tap remineralized with salty shrimp gh+. What I have observed is they do okay but I don't think they breed and thrive as well as they could based on reading and seeing others tanks for the last couple years. (8.2 ph 4-5gh and 9-10kh with tds of around 300)


I am getting close to setting up a rack with a TB tank, a sulawesi tank and 3 Neo tanks. I already have an RO system still in the box in preparation but I want to have the ideal params for all three types and since I am in the preplanning phase I'm trying to have an idea for water management before beginning.


In theory I would like to have 3 separate water change containers prepared in advance for each type along with straight RO for top offs.

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Boston is correct.

In theory you should be able to add the values and divided by 2 to get rough estimates of what ph, kH, gH, and TDS will be. You'll never truly know what those unknown values from tap will be. Depending on what shrimps you plan on keeping it might be worthwhile to do full RO and get a good mineralizers. It sounds like you already plan on going half way with RO (mixing half) so minimize your risk by going full RO water and buy mineralizer. Salty Shrimp Bee gH+ is very affordable.

Even with tigers, I initially wanted to mineralizer my tap but I was advised it's better to do rodi and do it right. My tap parameters are ph: 7.0-7.2, 2dGH, 2dKH, and TDS: 22-25 which is pretty ideal for tigers but I'm still opting to go with RO+mineralizer.

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Ya I already have the salty shrimp and for the sulawesi and tb's I will definitely build from RO. Really was thinking a less painstaking way for the Neos!

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