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Bottled Spring Water

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Am almost out of RO water and can't get to the LFS to get some more until Sunday. Would love my own unit but don't have the space to set one up  :(

Have a few bottles of spring water which is bottled at source in Ireland. It has a TDS of 370 which is a lot higher than the tank runs at (250-ish).

The rest of the bottled water analysis is as follows all listed as mg/L :

Calcium  55

Magnesium 8.7

Potassium 4.2 

Sodium 75.9

Bicarb 286

Chloride 52.4 (presumably this is not the same as chlorine - not a chemist so not certain)

Sulphate 23

Nitrate 0-1

The bottles are 330ml and my main shrimp tank is 19L and today's TDs is 259 GH 10

Would this water be ok to use as an emergency top-up if needed? Probably only would need 1 bottle per day if that.




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Thanks, aquariumlover, I already have the remineralizer because I use RO now. I had a spate of unexplained deaths and one suggestion was that it could be some unknown substance in the tap water and  replacing tap water with RO and Salty Shrimp remineralizer definitely seemd to help. 

I've made provision to pop in on Saturday and get some from the LFS instead of waiting til Sunday. I think I can probably manage til then without needing anything, fingers crossed.

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If you top off with that water you will raise your TDS quite a bit. I think I'd rather let the natural evaporation on your tanks happen than add additional mineral-heavy water. The TDS will go up with evaporation, but you will certainly raise it if you add the spring water.


Do you have a source of bottled distilled water at a nearby store or something, instead of spring water?


Also, as far as space goes, I use a mini portable RO unit, so I just store it away in a cupboard and hook it up to the faucet only when I need it. I like knowing I can always make water if I need to, but it may still not be right for you.

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Thanks Pika - wish I had the cupboard space but my house has limited storage to start with - but when I win the lottery it will be a different story! lol

I tried the spring water this morning on the 12L tank I'm re-cycling (about 10L actual water) and the TDS was 50 beforehand, topped off with about 300ml spring water and afterwards the TDS was 60 so not the big leap I'd been anticipating. 

I think it will be alright until Saturday tho so I'll get to the LFS early all being well.

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