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Zebra Oto


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I was at petco today picking up that new tank I posted about.   They had zebra otos.      Are they also considered safe with shrimp or are they slightly different?   I asked because they were pretty large compared to your regular Otos.  


I don't think I would ever pay their price, but incase I get impulsive....  


Also,  will they "school" with my regular Otos?  I have 3 in the shrimp tank and they are pretty much inseparable. I know Otos are happiest  when there are a few  so I wouldn't want to just get 1 zebra if they wouldnt  play with the others.  (Petco is selling them for $20)

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They are striking.  So far I've resisted.  I almost gave in and headed to petco yesterday but it was FREEZING  Nor'easter here that helped keep me indoors.  


I do have to go to Petco for something else completely unrelated tomorrow so.. if they are still there.. who knows..

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