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Shrimp - FS: 1 Mix Panda Taiwan Bee Package


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Offer title: FS: 1 Mix Panda Taiwan Bee Package
Offer Submitter: Ch3fb0yrdee
Offer Submitted: 03 Nov 2014
Offer Category: Shrimp

Hello Shrimpholics!

I have...

1 Mixed Panda Package- $160.00

This mixed package of Pandas will include 10 young adults. These guys are near breeding size and I would estimate another month before they are ready to breed. These shrimps are all tanked bred and raised, not import like most of other shrimps available. You won’t have weakened shrimps due to stress from long distance shipping that will die off within a few weeks. These are sturdy shrimps bred by me.

Taiwan Bee shrimps are a beautiful mutation of the normal Crystal Red Shrimps, so if you’re successful keeping Crystal Red Shrimps, you’ll find success in keeping Taiwan Bees.

My Parameters are as follows:
TDS: 150-220
pH: 6.2 – 6.4
gH: 5-6
kH: 0
Buyers are welcome to swing by and check out my shrimp tanks and ask questions. These are beautiful shrimps and you will not be disappointed.

Availability is limited!!


USPS Priority EXPRESS - $35 with DOA Guarantee
*Note* DOA claim will only be valid if a clear digital picture of the dead shrimp are taken inside the untampered bag within 2hrs delivery confirmation. DOA is voided if package is not received on 1st delivery attempt.
**Note** Shipping price is non-refundable

USPS Priority - $12 (NO DOA w/ this shipping option)



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