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48 hour help me buy some high grade TB sale


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So im planning on hitting up blue crown aquatic trade, formerly csky usa this weekend. Im hoping to pick up 2-3 high end tb while im there. So id like to make a little extra money before i head down. So i have a few things available, quantities are limited and this sale is for the next 48 hours. Shipping is included in shrimp pricing. Size range is peewee to subadult

10 oebt all blues +2 blondes $65.00

10 oebt all blondes/culls +2 blues $45.00

10 oebt mix +2 blues $55.00

15 mix of crs -cbs-sw/golden (at least 2 of each) mixed grades mainly s/s+ but higher grades more than likely included $70.00

5 btoe juvies $80.00

5 mischlings + 1 bkk panda
$50.00 (1 package available)

15 crystal maroon/browns mix grade most a/s+

Lowkeys absorption boards 2 for $38.00 shipped

1 new glasgarten beta glucan
$27.00 shipped

lowkeys foods 22.00 shipped 30g vitamin kale,spiral, ultra supple, secret food, ebi sapuri

20g bicom shrimp wafers (one of my favorites) 15.00 shipped.

20g peters ladens csf hokkaido pur $15.00 shipped

All packages will ship monday or tuesday. No holds fcfs


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