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Surprise Fluval Spec V!


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Nice, those are sweet tanks. I think you will need to put filter floss to block the overflow from eating shrimpies. Not sure of other stuff, though.

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Smart husband. Post pics when up and running.

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The smartest, he deciphered my "oh their on sale but I don't NEED one..." And then came home and used the "there is stuff in the car I couldn't carry, go get it" trick on me. And there it was in the back seat =)

Not Christmas yet.

Nope, but that's all the Christmas for me. But I can't complain one bit. And now I am dreaming of swarms of little blue shrimp...

I've got the filter sponge and media floating in one of my cycling tanks and gotta find the filter floss etc, for shrimp proofing.

So far I have black diamond sand for the substrate. But I'm wondering if there will be blue shrimp, if the substrate should be lighter? I have some white sand that is about the same size, maybe I could make a grey mix.

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Well the Fluval was damaged and had to go back. But on the up side, petsmart just put out a new 15 gallon kit for Christmas! So for the price I get 10 more gallons whohooo! I may try to journal that one, but I'm not good at keeping up with that kind of thing. Good thing cuz there's been an extra shrimp mishap. More scrimps!

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