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First 10% water change

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Tank is 3 months old.  Shrimp (crs, goldens & red rili) have been in the tank 3 weeks.  Time for the first water change.  Tank parameters are:


RO water

GH 6 (would like to get it down to 5 eventually)

KH 1

PH 7.1

Temp 74

Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate all 0

TDS 183 (would like to get it down to 150 eventually and very gradually)


I remineralized my RO for the WC to 150 TDS and 5 GH


But my RO is at 5.8 PH in the replacement water -


I don't want to shock the critters - will a 5% or 10% water change be okay at that ph?  I will drip the water change in behind the Hamburg Mattenfilter.


Thanks for your help everyone.


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so you are removing water to lover your tds and adding water back in with tds in it already?

if you want to lover your tds just add RO back. yes only 10% of the tank volume premade tds water will likely lower from current, but adding 100% RO will do that even better.

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Well, Eric - That was my thought as well.  But then Shrimpy Daddy piped in that I should do a water change with RO remineralized.  Sooo - perhaps I go back to that original idea of just RO?

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there is some magic formula for water change with remineralized water.  and generally when removing a water you should replace with remineralized, but I tend to subscribe to a little different theory. if i'm doing a water change, its generally for a reason, cutting down some parameter that is beyond what i'd like.  I'd much rather use RO but with the understanding that i'll probably lower some parameters to the lower side of what i'm shooting for.


this is why i tend to avoid water changes unless needed.

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I find that agreeable, Eric.  As my goal is to lower (a tad bit at a time) both the ph and the tds.  I think I will go back to the original thought of just using straight RO.  I know that many shrimpers prefer to do a standard weekly water change of a small amount perhaps to thin out waste product. But with such a tiny bio load that shrimp create, it seems that you feel that the filter systems can deal with that load without having to replace water to reduce it.  Of course there is the human tendency to overfeed - of which I can be guilty. Just love to see the little buggars eat!  And that could be another good reason to get into a habit of timed water changes. It is all so personal, our choices of what we feel will work to keep these little guys thriving and happy. I enjoy getting other peoples opinions and experiences explained to me - especially as I am trying to learn more in this ever-endearing hobby. Thank you

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yeah i think we all have different opinions on water changes and such, but ultimately we do what gives us the best results individually.

there are many things that have been drilled into our heads over the years, but as we all are learning as information trickles down from large breeders there are better ways of doing things. but asking questions is one of the best ways to learn!!

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