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Best baby food for Taiwan Bees?


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Other than a fully cycled tank with lots of biofilm, IAL, what are some brands of baby shrimp foods that you guys use that you can see a difference in the survival rate of your baby TB's?


Also I am a little confused on the feeding schedule. Not sure how much of a brand or type of food I am supposed to feed my shrimps.


Can you guys post your feeding schedules for your adult TB's and the type of baby food that has worked well with keeping baby TB's

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i feed about every other day rotating between many different foods, but only a hard food about once a week. also mixed in is fresh veggies.

by far the best food available is ebiken ei. its used in bulk by many of the best breeders in the US and Canada as well as Asia.

really you cant go wrong with any of the premium brands available, just dont over feed and pick hard foods that dont pollute your water.

SL-Aqua foods will not get soft and make a mess of your tank/water.

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Of course I'm biased so I won't name brands. Other than commercially made ones, I also feed spirulina powder.


However, I don't think feeding these changes much on the baby survival rate, it's more for rapid/healthy growth than survival rate. If your tank is not suitable for them to survive, it doesn't really matter what you feed them.


What I do a lot lately is place the food on top of the moss, in my opinion, good shrimp food should have very find particles when dissolved. By placing the food on top of the moss, fine particles fall off so babies get a better chance to get to the food. This is only recommended if you have lots of shrimps, otherwise, you may end up with too much leftover.

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