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your plant experiments


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Ok I have done several experiments with plants, firstone I did was I converted some terrestrial moss into aquatic, it took awhile but it is still alive in a pond :) and me and my friend made a 2 litre coke bottle paludarium, we collected several plants and mosses from out side and put them in there, along with dwarf hiargrass(alive not sure if growing, died off then came back first week, submersed), some rotala I collected at a lake(alive and some growth, semi emersed), and java moss(growing awesome, submersed), all alive, the main plants are common green carpet moss(the moss that normaly grows on the side of houses and such) and marsh pennywort.

So I want to hear about y'all plant experimens and your emersed setups, also pics if you have them :)

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I've got a bunch of plants growing emersed in a large fish bowl. I'll try to take pics tomorrow when there's more light. There's some chain sword, some bacopa australis, and a bunch of stuff I can't see right now. No light on that shelf. :P Also contains some pellia (hasn't done much), and some fuzzy looking stuff I can't think of the name at the moment. Dang meds. It's about time to rearrange things, as the chain sword has made a ring around the bowl and the bacopa is getting too tall for it.


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