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What a difference a heater makes!

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My new 2.6 gallon houses 4 yellow neos. They have been hiding since I set up the tank. Occasionally they would skirt around. I took the large lava rock out as it took up a lot of space (even though I loved the look). They still seemed to spend most of their time hiding behind the wood.


The temp fluctuated a lot, even though I had heard neos could handle this, it bothered me.


Yesterday I got the cobalt 25 watt heater and set it up.


Within about 20 minutes the temp was a constant 72. Within an hour, the 4 little shrimp came out of hiding. 


Today they are all scurrying about and exploring.


Could the heater have made such a difference? If so.. I will never do a tank without one again. 


One molt this morning even.


Not sure if the tank settling had something to do with it, but they seem to love the heater's affects. :)

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What was your water temp before?  I know shrimp breed and grow faster at higher temps but I hadn't realized it can also make them more active but it makes sense.

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It got up to about 72 during the day but then would dip to between 66 and 68 at night. I rarely saw them without having to turn the tank every which way to make sure they were still in there.


RyeGuy - the cobalt heater is amazing! I am hooked!


Also, I have had 2 molts already today in there. Not bad with only the 4 shrimp in there. They are swimming around, crawling around and happy little campers. I set the temp at 72 and they seem to be loving it! :)


I did shut the light off when it flashed that the inside temp went higher than my set temp (due to the light). The heater shows you your set temp and the actual tank temp. It shut off at 72 but the light kept it up higher.

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