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How to leave feedback? Or a review?

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Maybe I don't see it. I'm not the most computer savvy, but is there an area to leave feedback for a member?


I recently (today) got some beautiful blue shrimp from Bryce (Soothing Shrimp), and my pumpkin neos originally came from him, and just wanted to give a big thumbs up. 


Would like to give others I may possibly purchase from in the future a review, or even a simple "like" or "dislike"

like Facebook bogarts?



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I don't think there is anything like a feedback system here yet, not sure if Oblong has that in the works or even if its something he'd like to do


Personally I think it'd be cool, but not sure how much that pluggin runs, and or if it could function with the code of this forum (don't no the details of that stuff)


Plus gotta be-careful with all that plantedtank,com stuff (which btw the domain is now FS). I wonder if there is a way to right into the by-laws that the forum can't be held responsible for any reviews posted by members... and then have a way to say "we don't know who each member is... only email address" 

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There looks like there is a plugin available for $25 that will add the feedback functionality.  I don't think it is super necessary right now since we are such a small community but it is something that I will add later on as we grow.




The planedtank is for sale?  Where did you see that?

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There is supposed to be a feedback function with our new MarketPlace addon but I am not sure if it is active or how to activate it.  I will get in contact with the developer and see. 

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