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Unclear moss species


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I just had a talk with novina about some moss species i have. I have to say clearly that they all arrived to me as christmas mosses from other hobbists but i had doubts in some of these cases. i can gladly sent you also the discusion that i have just had with novina in the last hours.


i put here the pictures so you have your personal thoughts on it. these 4 species come direct from normal aquariums from some colleagues, i do not know their origine, like in case of the angel moss.


anyway, see and have please your own opinion


quotes from the discusion i had with novina 


"Last two ones are not xmas for sure xmas is vesicularia and you showed taxiphyllum".. it was meant on the picture with 2 separate different mosses (down right)


"I dont think so, it look like taxiphyllum" is meant regarding the 2 pictures of the same moss (above)



i am really curios on you comments, as i  trust the knowledge of novina.



My very personal thought was that the 2 pictures above is the christmas moss, that is why i havent put it in any list as i presume evrybody here has christmas moss, but now i am not that sure anymore.





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i went talking to this debate, thnking also that they all have to be very simple regular mosses, as the seem to be established in some aquarias here. should not be anything special. the weird part started when he offered me for test and life comparission the real christmas, and taiwan so i get it that is proably not the same thing.



citing again:

Last two ones are not xmas for sure xmas is vesicularia and you showed taxiphyllum,


I dont think so, it look like taxiphyllum




that is where the idea came out that we might be dealing with something else. 


My personal thought was before i sent the picture: Christmas (above), spiky or china (down left), and maybe something like taiwan or mini taiwan (down right).

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