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Berried but she's not holding them right

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My pumpkin with the giant saddle got berried last night but it seems that she isn't able to hold them all and some are hanging out. I wish I could take them off her! Poor thing its her first time and she's kinda goofing it up.



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Not unusual for 1st-timers to lose some if not all the eggs. My first berried white pearl shrimp mama lost all but 2 of her eggs, but did manage to carry those 2 to the end and they in turn have become berried this week. One dropped every single egg within the hour and the other looks very comfortable with it all and seems to be taking it all in her stride.

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She is trying to get the hang of it. In saw her eating upside down and she managed to get them all back in. Then I saw her later again right side up and two popped out again. Poor little derpy mama. I have now seen 3 more saddled females in the pumpkins! It seems she is setting off a competition among the females.

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