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Saltwater Equipment


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So at work we had a tenant leave our plaza and since the owner knew I enjoy fish/shrimp hobby he gifted me some pieces a 55g saltwater tank. 


I can still get things like the tank, stand, and lights once I'm ready but this is what I took for now.


My question is can I use this wet/dry sump on a smaller tank?


How do I clean off the salt buildup since I just did a light rinse with the hose?


Also since I never did saltwater would you guys say it's just too much trouble to try?




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Im in no rush lol I can totally wait and see how things go. What size tank are you planing on doing?

From the reading I been doing I was thinking I could do a 20 long with a

soft corals since they seem to be easier and then add a gobby & shrimp pair since they look so cool living in the same den lol.

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Sw is totally worth it! I love my reef.

A bit of effort to set up and get running balanced; but well worth tge effort! (And not really more difficult than soft water shrimp)

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