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Dhg Belem


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Anyone have experience with this plant? I planted this in small groups about 2 weeks ago. The tips started growing algae so I cut then down really low to try to encourage growth.

I use a finnex fugeray led over a ten gallon(I believe around 50 par) 8 hours/day. Pressurized co2 to 30ppm. EI dosing plus a few Osmocote+ capsules, Lots of flow. Ecocomplete substrate. Established tank.

Shouldn't this stuff take off!?

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Yea I dose ei method and some root tabs. Light is I guess considered moderate.

I can deal with it growing slow but I can't seem to keep algae off these slow

carpet plants. Very annoying!


I know exactly what you mean, i have spent a lot of time, arms deep into the tank rubbing off algae and dirt particles on the leaves inside my dirted/planted tank.  I tried wrapping my head around that for a long while, and I can only think that I didnt have a good enough water flow inside the tank, and not enough filtration.  Discovered that lily pipes help with that, but i had a HOB so that was out the window.

do you have a pic of your tank posted up here somewhere? 


Have a good one!

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Sure here's some pics! There's alot of circulation.

I actually run two filters on this 10 gallon.

I run an eheim 2213 with lily pipe and also a hob filter as well.

I actually have to restrict some of the outflow so I don't stress out my shrimps and cories!

Very, very clean and clear water though.

After reading and reading on many forums, Im understanding that low or fluctuating co2 levels seem to cause alot of algae problems too, so i recently amped up my co2 a bit, keeping a close eye on the shrimp and fish. On top of that i dose excel very carefully.

I'm seeing slightly less algae but still find some. I have to go in there alot and just trim the hairgrass down to ground level. Pisses me off! But I'm very motivated to get this right.



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