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thinking about a new tank

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I have a DIY tank stand that is currently in use by 2 tanks.
I was standing at looking at it today, while thinking about the petsmart/petco sale. (trying not to, but it is so hard!)

And I realized I could probably fit a 20L on the stand instead. (And move the other tanks elsewhere.)
It is topped with a prefab laminate board that is "12 x 36" . Except, of course, not quite.
It ends up being 11.75 in by 35.75 in.
I suppose all brands of these boards are this size.
And a 20L is 12", or even more , with the frame? I would likely get one from Petsmart and the online info says it is actually 12.25.

I always fully support my tanks, so this makes me nervous. Hmm...

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