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Dividing an aquarium with U-Channel

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Has anyone ever used "U-Channel" for glass to divide an aquarium?  The ability to silicone each side individually seems like it would allow for cleaner, more precise seams. 


Additionally, the glass could be "slid out" for removal, although I'm not sure what purpose this would serve.


Just doing some thinking and was wondering if anyone could point out any potential pros/cons.





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The only issue I would see is that silicone does not bond glass to plastic that great. Also if you remove the divider after the tank is setup then you would run the risk of disturbing the substrate and releasing unwanted muck into the tank (this could lead to spikes that could wipe out a shrimp colony if that's what you plan on dividing).


If you want to go for a clean look then what I would focus on is taking some masking tape and laying down a nice clean edge. This way when you apply the silicone you can peal back the tape leaving that perfect edge.


Plus if you use this to divide shrimp the little ones are very sneaky and will find any flaws in the divider and try to cross it. That's why I just focus on sealing the edges the best I can.


I did two tanks with dividers you can look at my journals to help you get ideas.

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