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PH and air

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I have one tank at ph 6.0 and another tank seems to be at 6.4 .  Same substrate , same products being used. RO water.  The only real difference is the tank size and that one tank has a ton of moving water (HOB and air disk)  


I was wondering if all that extra oxygen is raising the PH?     


I just ordered some IAL and IA bark from Han hoping to get it lower.   My carbons are doing great but the mischlings do not seem inspired to breed. Im thinking PH is a bit high for them.    


PH down is a no no correct?

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..... Shrimp Daddy... is that a yes?   LOL


Good circulation will increase the pH by a tad. Maybe 0.1 to 0.3. However if you have more substrate, it can cause your pH to crash down pretty badly.


Just like Greenteam mentioned, why you want the pH to go lower? In terms of chemical properties, pH 6.2 to 6.6 is the best. Bringing the pH to 6.0 and below will harm your shrimp more than helping.

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Really ??? It seems most people keep their TBs and mischlings at  6 and below


There seems to be lots of information out there that reccomends TB's be kept at 6 or below. I have hard the reasoning behind this is low pH increases survival rate of shrimplets by making the water hostile to harmful pests or bacteria.  In reality I think the majority of people keep their TB's between 6-6.5, I keep my tanks at about 6.2-6.4 

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