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4 new Mosses (tropical)


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here i present you 4 species i received from a friend a while ago. they arrived in bad shape (it was very cold outside) now they start to grow... one is a liverworth. (not common aquatic pellia, it is much more robust, hard)..  i consider each of them nice. i only habe tiny amounts of them, i will keep them as long as it takes to develop nicely and only afterwards (hope up untill then to have an identification aso for them) i will start to give some of them...


these are not species that arrived from other collections like some of us know, nothing from europe, but directly from natural source....


very soon i will show you 2 determined species, a fisidens and another fontinalis, not the gracilis...









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being a liverworth it really grows very slow.. personally i like much the first one... it is growing low, it is dense and has a very nice light green color.... teh last one i think it came from emersed form (grows in west asia) and was spectacular in that for.. i think that is very nice more for paludarias...


i will update these theme as soon i willhave more development, and maybe also some names...

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it is a liverworth (might be related to pellia genus, i am not sure). i work with mosses have good books, also a former teacher that is PhD in briology. All the 4 species here go grow well underwater and are really totally new to our hobby as far as i know. they come from wildlife in tropical regions.

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