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If you are a Shrimp Keeper & Breeder than this is for you.


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Hey Shrimpers! 


I know a lot of you from the FB groups and TPT. I have been launching shirts designed for the hobby! Here is the most recent that is available now! Dont miss out it is only available until March 16th! Support the community and represent your passion! 




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I like seeing your designs! This one is particularly nice. :)

I have no idea how the production works, but have you considered offering other styles of shirt? I'm thinking particularly more "feminine" fits like babydoll tees or v-necks, or maybe even just raglan sleeves? While no one would mistake me for a girly-girl, I find I don't reach for my unisex cotton tees to wear much, but will reach for some of the other styles more often. I have a suspicion the limited nature of these restricts what you can viably offer, but thought I'd mention it! :)

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What brand of tshirts are used?

I'm extremely picky since I'm tall and slim. Most brands, the large size is too wide and short in length for me. Not to mention some of the neck openings are the width of a 5g bucket!

Delta and Gildan are nice fitting shirts and are slightly thicker material than most.

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