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17.1 Crystal Red tank (low-tech)


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My original 30 gallon started leaking, so I had to create a new home for my Crystal red shrimps:



Tank: 23.6" x 11.8" x 14.2"

Filter: Rena Xp3 with DO!Aqua Poppy glass return

Heater: Jager 120 watts

Substrate: 20 lbs of Mr.Aqua Plant soil

Lights: 24" Satellite LED + 

Complete Apex monitoring system




PH: 6.3

Temp: 68-69f

KH: 0-1

GH: 5

TDS: 175




Various Anubis

3x marimo ball

Flame moss





4x Otos

Crystal red shrimps from SS-SSS






I am currently still deciding what to put in the back left corner. It's left empty on purpose, because I cannot decide what will fit there best,


Feel free to shoot me some ideas!

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Are you using your Apex just to monitor/control temperature?


Pretty much just using it for PH and temp monitoring. 


In the past, I had a full reef setup, but tore it down because I moved. I never had a chance to sell the unit, so I decided to just use it for my CRS tank instead

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Oh I couldn't see your pH probe.  I just found it behind your intake, good job hiding it.  


I've thought about using an Apex on one of my tanks but wouldn't want all the probes in the display tank.  I've got an Apex on my reef system and the 4 probes are in my sump.

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Just a little update on the tank, I got a nice piece of driftwood, and attached a few pieces of java ferns on it to be placed in the corner left.





Hopefully when a few more leaves grow in, it will cover up the left side of the tank nicely

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