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Space between thorax and carapace.


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Hi all,

I noticed that there is a yellow space between the thorax and the carapace on two of my female Bloody Mary shrimp. Another female does not have this space. Is this normal? Could the carapace be shorter than it should be due to much selective breeding? Has anyone seen something like this before?



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I find it happens at least with the shrimp I keep that happens when they are about to molt or gh is too high. The yellow is a saddle. If you have males and they successfully molt expect berries soon.

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2-3 is actually way to low for royals. They do best in gh 5-6 kh2-4. I do not mean this in a demeaning way, but you need to do A TON of research if you do not know proper gh or what a molt looks like. Royals are a expert level shrimp and I am afraid you will have wasted your money and the shrimps lives unless parameters are changed properly. You should start doing a 20% water change once a week slowly raising gh.

What are the rest of your parameters?

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