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Water Parameters for Tigers

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Are these good parameters for my Tigers...? The first time I tried keeping Tigers I failed horribly. I just want to make sure I'm doing it right this time.


Temp.- Room Temp around 70-75






My tap comes out at:




pH 7.2-7.4


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Yes. I am but I don't have a RO machine and my tap GH is far too low for any of my shrimp. It comes out at 1 as soon as I test it and when I wasn't using GH booster they was having molting problems which was killing them. I don't use the GH booster during small water changes. The TDS is out of my tap is low as well only around 80. My tap water pH is around 7.0-7.4, which is also pretty neutral, so I figured I didn't need a RO machine.

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