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My Royal Blue Tigers and CBS package


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I have a package of 10 royal blue tigers plus 10+ sss cbs for $180 shipped priority. Shrimp will be juvi to sub adult sized.

I will ship tomorrow if payment is received in time to package and make it to the post office. If not I will ship next Saturday as I get out of work after post office is closed. I will do doa on priority as long as clear photo of dead shrimp in unopened bag is sent within 2 hrs of delivery confirmation.

I keep them the royals in ph7.4-7.2 kh3-4 gh6 tds 200-220 temp70. Cbs are in ph 6.2 kh0-1 gh6 tds190 temp72.

Royals are not a beginner shrimp so I do not suggest them for anyone without a good understanding of shrimp keeping.

As always I will include some freebies.

I have included pictures taken with my dslr+macro lens and some taken with my cheap camera phone so you get an idea how they actually look. None of the pictures have been photoshopped or retouched in any way other than maybe a crop.

Any questions please feel free to ask.





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