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I'm planning on purchasing a couple 33 gallon long aquariums in the spring. These tanks have the same foot prints as 55. So my question is how many liters of a given shrimp substrate would I need to achieve a two inch deep layer.

Second has any one ever covered dirt with these soils. Typically I keep heavily planted tanks with top soil and a cap of some sort. Typically I use turface.

have a gneiss day

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I googled to see if there was some sort of calculator since there seems to be everything online these days, lol


I found this http://www.plantedtank.net/substratecalculator.html  then I used this to get the dimensions http://www.aquariumdimensions.com/


I didn't know how deep you wanted it, or what kind, so I just put in 1 inch of regular gravel and this is the results "To achieve a depth of 1 inches in a tank 48.25 inches long and 12.75 wide, you will need to purchase 32 lbs of Regular Gravel"


Edited to add - Just read your post again and you said 2 inches deep, so 64 pounds which means it matches what Cindy said :)

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