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Equipment for Photography


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Hi Shrimpmaniacs :)


So, i have buy some months an Canon 700D to take some photos of my aquariuns, but unfortunately the thing is not so simple.


I know i will need some equipment, i already have search some flash, trigers new lents (I have the kit and one 70-300 from Sigma).



How do you guys take photos? What equipment you use? Cheap equipment do you recommend?

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The 70-300 sounds like a zoom lens. Zoom lens won't work well for macro-photography. I would recommend looking for a 1:1 dedicated macro lens. It's what I use.

I know a few others uses reverse rings and such. Maybe they can chime in to better assist you and provide you with a better idea of what to get.

Regarding the body itself, I've never used a canon so I cannot comment. My camera is a FujiFilm X-T1 and my macro lens is the Carl Ziess touit 50mm macro.

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I'm using my 70d canon with 17-40mm lens, I've bought macro zoom extension lens set with 4 lenses different zoom, it's screw on main lens to allow you make close up pictures. I know it's not ideal but quite cheap. You can still make good pictures. I don't like using flash I have strong led light in all my shrimp tanks.

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My camera is Canon 7D and lens is 100mm F2.8L

When you take a shot at shrimps, you must have a flash light too.






Great shots, maybe I shouldn't have given up on the Canon 100mm lens as quickly as I did.

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I have been using Canon 60D with 18-55 kit lens. But I am using reverse ring as macro lenses are not affordable for me + wired trigger.

A few samples below of my shots (a good light is crucial of course)






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