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brown algae?


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hi guys. im the furthest thing from a shrimp expert...more of a spin off of my Piranha hobby which the kids want to help with but I feel is too dangerous. so instead, we started a shrimp tank.... in my niche' part of the aquaria hobby I haven't run across algae of any kind so im new to it.


I read "brown algae" is cause from extra nutrients in the tank and/or lack of light.

however the brown spots are only forming directly where the majority of the light is.


also have some white "bugs" on the glass which I assume are only there to feed on the brown splotches.

im not TOO worried bout it but any ideas on how to stop it? (and clean it for that matter)


could it be a sign im due for a new bulb? ill admit the light is ancient. I didn't want to spend top dollar on this set up as its a side project (mainly for the kids)


thanks in advance.

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Brown algee is good and benifital for shrimps. The small bugs are more then likely seed shrimo, they are also good for the tank as long as they don't get out of control. Just get a scape and take the algee off the front of the tank if you don't like it.

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I've also been told that brown algae is good, I let it grow on three sides of the tank and just clean the front so I can see. I have TONS of shrimp and babies that graze on it like herds of cows. It is good for tons of yummy biofilm


I also can't remember the specifies of it and why, how etc but my shrimp love it

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I have a few pics in this post http://www.shrimpspot.com/index.php?/topic/2940-algae-i-hate-it-shrimp-love-it/?hl=algae  I had a hard time leaving it at first, felt like I had a 'dirty tank' but so many said it was a good thing. I always see babies grazing on it so I have left it and gotten over it, ha ha

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