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Orange Mischling Eggs?

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So I know with mischlings it is common for light brown eggs in the early gestation period and then once you are a few days out from the stork dropping off shrimplets TB eggs will go blue. Now I am curious of what is going on with my most recently berried Mischling. She got berried 2-3 days ago and her eggs now are bright orange...is this normal? Last batch she had they were the normal brown and she gave me a TB. This time around there is now a male tiger shrimp and a male CRS in the tank. Would that crossbreeding show this early on?




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Yup, this is normal. Not saying this is not a tiger x mischling cross (I don't think there's any way to tell until the shrimplets hatch), but some of my mischlings have orange eggs in the absence of tiger males. I'm not sure what causes the color difference either but I don't think it's the crosses. Having said that, a tiger x mischling cross will be exciting and you can take out the CRS male next time to be more certain.

Edit: Actually, after I thought about it, I don't think I've seen my mischlings with orange eggs but I did see my TB females with orange eggs. Not sure if this means anything but I think the eggs will be just fine.

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There are also male mischlings in there as well. I believe these are F3. I am going to be updating and monitoring if they switch back to the normal brown/tan color. I am confused but happy with these mischlings. Right now the other female has 7 TB eggs in her clutch about to go...pretty high % for mischling. 


Those orange eggs do look pretty neat. What was the outcome with the TB eggs? Did they turn dark towards the end?

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