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Are crs good for beginners ?

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If you are willing to take the steps to properly setup a tank for them then yes.


The issue is people don't want to invest into the hobby at first and try to take shortcuts. This is their downfall like using tap water or not buying testing kits etc. So if you are willing to dive right into it and put down the cash to buy a good substrate, test kit, remineralizer for RO water then I would say go for it. You can use store bought RO water like I use 5g water jug that I fill at my grocery store for $1.


On the other hand if you're not sure if it's for you then try some of the Neo's (cherry, rilis, carbon...etc) and try a simple gravel + tap setup.


I also suggest setting up a tank just for the shrimp since a newbie mistake is also tossing them into a community tank and turning your shrimp into a fancy snack.

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