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Switching tanks


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Right now, I have a 10 gallon with two guppies, 3 red fin tetras, and oto and a bunch of different kinds of shrimp some about to give birth.  I want to expand to a 20L aquarium and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on how to do that.  I have new substrate (but am not opposed to adding some old into the new tank) and I was going to use my current filter (from 10 gallon) since it filters up to 40 gallons (Aquael AquaThrust Powerhead and internal filter 100 gph Mfg ID: AF0350) Suggestions, tips, anything I should consider?


Thank you!

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hope you mean 20g. :P


this is what i would do...

put every thing in the 20g.

some substrate from the 10g and anything that has bacterial and algae would be good.


take half of the 10g water and put it in the 20g.

plug in the heater and drop all the fish in right away.

(putting them in water they came from avoids all the shocks)


leave the shrimp in the 10g. :)


slowly fill both tanks with water over days.

use prime daily until filled.

test for ammonia every other day to make sure you have enough BB in the filter.

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