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Rotala Rant


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So this is more of a rant than anything. I'm so tired of my rotala growing well for a few days in my high tech tank and then growing stunted again. Stunted as in, small twisted leaves.


I have pressurized co2, dose ferts, 2 24w HO t5 bulbs, and softish water with a gh of 6. And my ph is 7 in this tank from the co2, so what gives? lol


It seems other people grow this like a weed, so why can't I? 


Rant over  :rolleyes:

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hopefully I can help :)


What size tank?


what kind fertz? and how much do you dose?

How are you diffusing co2? Are you sure your diffusing enough?

What is your light cycle?


lastly what Rotala?

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29 gallon, random dosing and a few days ago I went back to EI dosing. Substrate is floramax, I'm not sure if I'm getting enough co2 or not. The diffuser is a gla in tank diffuser, but I don't have a bubble counter. Lights on for 9 hours a day.

The rotala in rotala India and rotala colora.

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