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oebt mamma dropped some babies today!

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So I found 3 so far, but she's got some more still in the oven, so Im guessing by tomorrow or Easter

she should have had them all.


It looks like I have one that's a blueish color, but the other 2 are pale in color.  So now Im wondering

if I have a Crystal white bee x Oebt cross?  They are so tiny its hard to tell, but 2 are definitely

very pale almost white looking.



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Congratulations. Time will tell my friend. Unfortunately as much excitement as shrimplets are, being patient is the downside when figuring out what came from the birth.

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So I found at least 5 or so of the oebt babies, and now I am convinced they are definitely hybrids of some sort.  They are almost all white, don't think they are blondes as they have no stripes that I can see.  Im wondering if they are the offspring of my CWB male and the OEBT female.


the pic is not great but you can see they are very whitish in color.



here's my mamma CWB and she's dragging her bump on the ground now, so Im thinking maybe before Sunday (30 days) she looks very uncomfortable.


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Ahhh figured out what the babies are....darker one looks to be from my OEBT mamma, she didn't have many. Then the next day I see these little white ones, thinking they are the OEBTs, turns out my CWB mamma has been offloading hers several at a time, and I now have at least 10 CWB white babies and still more to come....yaay!


Mamma OEBT went back into the tank and molted, and turned a gorgeous deep blue color, guess she's looking to do it all over again.

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