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Han - nettle food - a HUGE hit!

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I couldn't get a 'non blurry' pic because they swarmed the piece of nettle. My snowballs usually hate green food (aside from leaves). They will ignore it, walk over it.. and yet I put a piece in with them and this happened.. lol



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Ya I got the starter pack too so far my cherrys love it all especially nettle and bee pollen btw crazyfishlady I love your snowballs ^^

Thanks :) They look much better when they are not a feeding frenzied blurr... lol 



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Ill add it to my shopping list. I  got a sample of his purple bee pollen and they went crazy so I have to order a regular size.  Ill get some nettle too.  Though I am running out of room to put all the stuff I order from Han


.. freaking Han. 

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