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Shirakura Red Bee Sand without under gravel filter?

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Hi all,

I just got some bags of this Red Bee Sand and though there is not much English on the packaging, the little English there is seems to talk solely about using under gravel filters?

Do I need this kind of filter to use this substrate properly? Any of you guys using this substrate with or without an under gravel filter have any advice?

Can I just go ahead and use it with ordinary filtration (HOB, sponge)?

Any advice appreciated!

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We then pour Shirakura Red Bee Sand directly on the undergravel filter; this sand has been especially developed for keeping and breeding bee shrimp. Due to its highly porous structure it provides the important microorganisms with a tremendously huge surface and thus is very suitable as a filter medium.

Important when used together with an undergravel filter!
The substrate has to be as even and smooth so the water can stream through it in all places, enabling bacteria to fully colonize it. Hilly landscaping and/or a sloping substrate severely infringe the fiter performance as the water only flows through the thinner sections
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