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I know this can cause debates and I don't want that :)


I also realize it is likely not a big deal for my neos but I was wondering about the PH test pen (like a TDS pen) and it compared to the API test.


Has anyone used a pen? How do you feel about it?


My API puts my water ph at 7.6 


I looked on amazon and there are ph pens that go from about $13 to $70


Just curious, not saying one is better than another... lol

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I purchased a Hanna Instruments (98128) pH pen based on Shrimpy Daddy's recommendation a couple of weeks ago.  It is one of the more expensive pens I looked at but it also has a couple of features that most of the others didn't.  The biggest is that it is accurate to ±0.05 (most are ±0.10).  The other great features are auto-calibration as well as temperature compensation.


When I first received the pen I calibrated it and tested one of my tanks against the API liquid test I had been using as well as a Sera pH liquid test.  According to the API test my pH was 6.5. The Sera test showed 6.1 and the pH pen showed 6.05.  The API test was very inaccurate in my single test.


One of the downsides of the pen is that it takes awhile for the reading to settle.  It can take a minute+.  The liquid tests are much faster.  Overall this is a minor inconvenience for me to know that my test results are accurate.


Hope this helped.  Good Luck.

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It's not accurate. totally waste of money.


Pinpoint pH meter (meter + pH probe) is minimal.

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I have a Hanna ph tester as well and am very pleased with it. I compared my pH on my TB tank from API pH of 6.4 when it was actually 6.8 that is a big difference. Ph test pens are not cheap and you need to purchase caibration fluids or powders that you have to mix. They also have to be stored wet in a storage solution. They are much more expensive than a liquid drop test and they are more time consuming but for me it is worth it to know the true pH.

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Ph pens are good as long as you calibrate it often. Mine takes a while for the reading to settle too. I think my api test reads a bit low but for neos I think it's fine.

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