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RAOK ludwigia, rotala colorata, and maybe more


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I did a little trim tonight and wanted to share the clippings. Usually i put them up on another unnamed forum for locals but wanted to share here with all you greater shrimpers. Whats included?

7 stems of various size of various species of ludwigia. In the tank i have ludwigia repens, palustris, rubin, and red. Im just not positive which species these trims came from. Sorry.

A few stems of rotala colorata. There are two stems in the below pic but can snip a few more when i send.

Small chunk of java moss if wanted. (Golf ball?)

Also have a stem or two of a hygro but i will need to check the legality of mailing this before it goes out. I know a few hygro species are on the federal do not distribute list. I need to work on identifying it. Also not positive this will fit in the small usps box.

The classic disclaimers apply of possible snails, algae, shrimp babies, and duckweed hitchhikers. So beware. The one other disclaimer is that my CPD and daisy ricefish have been known to deposit their eggs on these plants. I have unknowingly transferred eggs into my shrimp tank and had fry appear before. Not really a big deal for me since the fry left the shrimp alone but worth mentioning here for whomever receives these. Not likely but possible.

Please start the classic list format if you are interested and i will do a random pick on Tuesday night. Shipping cost is $6.00 for usps small box priority. These trimmings are floating in my sump under light right now so will be fine for a few days.



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1. Lyana

2. St3phaniex3

Do you have pictures of the hygro? maybe I could help identify it.

Here is a few pics. Looking like maybe a type of hygro corymbosa. Stricta or siamensis maybe. What do you think?




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looks like stricta to me. Very beautiful!!! :)

I'll try to find more info on it though just to be sure.

I think you're right. Stricta. Doesnt look to be on the noxious weed list either.
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