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dumb question .. filtration


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Do you need filtration just to grow plants?    Thinking I would never win, I entered Mayphlys RAOK drawing for plants and won!!!    I have a new tank to start but cant start it for a couple months .   We are having our entire kitchen redone   and it is in the adjoining room . No point in starting hte tank until the rebuild is over as dust and dirt will be everywhere not to mention, the spot where the tank is may need to be used for the fridge LOL 


Anyway,  I want to put these plants in water until the tank is ready I know I need air to at least keep the water from growing stagnant, but do I need filtration?  Maybe I will just crowd the other two tanks with tons of plants!

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They'll be fine with just an air stone for a while. Just change some of the water once a week and keep it low light.

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