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Fresh stinging nettle leaves for sale! Spring crop, GREAT shrimp food!


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SHIPPING ON LEAVES IS ONLY MONDAY-FRIDAY, no weekend shipping on fresh leaves. I will be at the property on Mon-Tues-Thurs so shipping will be on the following days.  Getting alerted to messages on here is hit or miss so you can email me at kalnight@aol.com 

Stinging nettle leaves – approximately 3-4” in length though will vary. Plucked fresh from my pastures, shipped next day. These fields are NOT sprayed with any chemicals and the farm is located a mile from the nearest neighbor

To prepare: I boil them for approximately 3 minutes, then freeze. I break off smaller pieces to feed. Shrimps go to this just like they would spinach or kale, it’s not like Indian Almond Leaves that are meant to provide biofilm. It is a food source and very nutritious for all shrimp. Please note, stinging nettle leaves have little fuzzy like barbs on them that ‘sting’ or can cause a mild burning sensation after handling. Rather, they can if you are sensitive to them, so be careful handling them until they are boiled (they don’t sting after boiling in my experience).  GREAT food if you're going on vacation, just toss a couple of leaves in and no worries.
$9 ppd First Class for 25 leaves
$14 ppd First Class for 50 leaves
$25 ppd First Class for 100 leaves


My paypal address is kalnight@aol.com, please make payment out for goods/services, no gift payments please.  I will email as soon as I receive payment and let you know when leaves will ship.  In the event I can not get to the property right away I will let you know when they will ship.  Never more than 72 hours after payment received.


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