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substrate and plant selection


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I am taking the plunge into sand(again) but this time with my fish tank, as of now it has large gravel so I can never grow any plants, so I am going to get playsand(my grandpa uses it and it works great, its sterile just have to rinse well) and maybe some roottabs later on, also my light sucks, its a incandescent fixture with screw in plant growth bulbs, its better then plain incandescent I guess, so I an just wanting some thoughts on how to do this, I was thinking to just drain the tank to a few inches of water, then taking all the fish and mess out and putting them in a small tank with airstone and then taking all the gravel out(need to sift thru I have some trumpet snails in their that like to hide, then put the rinsed sand in there and let it settle for an hour and then add fish and such back in.

And any recommendations on what to do or plants to get(preferred cheap)bis greatly welcomed.

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