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Water change with remineralized RO

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I just wanted to make sure I'm not messing something up here.


I originally had my neo tank with de-chlorinated tap water. I've recently started to use RO water remineralized with salty shrimp gh/kh on my 10% water changes. 


My parameters at last check were


gh - 8

kh - 2

tds - 220


I know I probably want to match the new water with the old water. I got a bottle of Blue Diamond that I figured might make things easier. My RO water is in a 2.5 gallon jug.



adding 10ml into 100 liters (~25 gallons) will increase roughly 1-1.3dGH"


Does that I mean I need to pour in 1ml into the 2.5 g jug of new RO water?


Also, what I've been doing is just dripping the new water into the tank. I haven't had any deaths since. 

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Basically one mL per 2.5g will give you 1gH, so if you wanted to keep gH of 8 add 8mL to your container of 2.5g.  The one thing that will change is pH since Blue Diamond does not increase kH, your pH will drop. 

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Oh, okay then. That is getting clearer now. I didn't realize that's what the instructions meant. I thought the 10ml dosage was a sort of optimal value for that amount of water. 


So you're saying if I want to match the RO water exactly to my current gH, I would need to add 8mL of Blue Diamond to the new water. 


What would you recommend I do then? If say, you were in my situation, you'd still go with 8mL to keep the current gH or would you go with less to try to lower it?


Granted, I'm just keeping neos

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If you are keeping neos then I would shoot for 6-8 gH so add around 6-8ML to your container of water. My question is why are you switching from SS gH/kH to MK Blue Diamond? Nothing says you cant use it for neos but it has no kH and will drastically change the pH of your tank.

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Well, I bought Blue Diamond for future use when I can start a larger tank and caridinas. I also thought perhaps my kH may have been getting higher. My kH may actually be at 3 rather than 2 because the API test color changes slightly at 2 but it's more significant of a change at 3.


I thought maybe it'd be better if I used something that didn't boost kH too much. 

Really appreciate your help btw!

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For neos, it's not critical.


You can do it either way. no harm at all.


Neos is very forgiving.

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