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Success! Found 2 berried OEBT today!

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Wonderful start to my morning. Got home from work and came home to find not just 1, but 2 berried OEBT, one of which is an Aura Blue! No wonder the guys were going bonkers the past few days. IAL and water change for the win!


Now I just need to find my magnifing glass to check out the tons of brand new specs playing in the moss and substrate. This is my first batch of OEBT fry.


With the Aura, is it worth seperating her to another tank to keep track of the offspring now, or better to just wait until they hopefully hatch and grow a bit and I can see coloring and pattern and then pull them for selective breeding? New to genetics and selective breedings and trying to find the best way to go about it.




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Congratulations! You have Aura and OEBT mixed in the same tank? Was this done on purpose to attempt a different offspring?


Ultimately it depends on what your goals are, if your trying to create a cross between the two, wait a bit before culling or selectively breeding. It will be impossible to tell at first the coloration and patterns. 

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Thanks! Honestly, I think it was a mistake. I either got extremely lucky, or they hooked me up. Obtained a few recently of a mixed batch, and low and behold after acclimation, 1 stood out from the rest, shockingly so, once she crawled out from the moss forest. 


I had planned just to have an OEBT tank, no selective breeding involved. The personalities/patterning/movement are a zen thing for me. But seeing the one started those terrible wheels in my head going, and we all know how that goes. 


Either way I have many months to wait before I see the results, which is wonderful.  Gives me time to learn and research more about this. I'm just undecided if she should be pulled from main pop now to keep a clean record of her fry in the future since they will be crossed, or to wait and later pull what looks the best if any and go from there. 


I guess the first step is to honestly figure out what my goals are with them. Keep it simple or start down the rabbit hole. 


You brought quite a bit into perspective, thank you! 

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