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getting tbs

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I am kinda new to shrimps, i bought some sss crs, 2 snowwhites and OEBT shrimps. 

Can i get red kingkongs or bluebolts or pandas from these ?


my end goal is to get pinto shrimps and i know i have to get OEBT with a taiwanbee and then crossed back and after a few generations i will get pintos, but how to you get the first ones like pandas and redwhines etc.. sorry for newbie question.. 


i hope some1 can help me out. 

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Hi Eken. The shrimp you bought wont do well in  the same tank.    The Crs and snow whites need to be in low PH  as close to 6 as you can get and the OEBT need 7+    What parameters do you have them in?

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