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Genetic questions (easy, I belive...)

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Hi everybody and first of all many thanks for adding me at this forum, that seem full of very good breeders!


Some questions :

1 crs  (or cbs) x Tb make f1 ... Ok, and with the time the f2 can be (some) TB. But that f2 TB, if breeded with another f2 TB, will make only TB, or also some crs?


2 pinto x pinto make everytime pinto? And crs or tb x pinto what can make? 


Many thanks from Italy!



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Welcome !

CRSxTB= f1 or as we call them mischlings

F1xF1= some TB, some mischlings (look like CRS but carryTB genes)

F2xF2= More TB some mischlings

Pinto x pinto = mostly pinto some fancy tigers or TB, from what I read the highest rate of pinto from this cross is around 85% pinto

Pinto x TB = some pinto some TB that carry pinto gene

Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong !

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