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Sulawesi aquatic plants

Steve R.

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Does anyone have aquatic plants from Sulawesi?

I am staring a new Sulawesi lake tank and would love to have also plants from there.

If so, can you post information and pictures?


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I have some supposed Sulawesi Fissidens honestly it looks like a type of Fissidens nobilis to me. I am not sure of an id because of all the different trade name for moss and plants, I can tell you it's growing in Florida tap water that's around 7.8 to 8.2 ph.

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Interesting, I have not found any information that the Sulawesi Fissidens actually comes from there.

The chara algae was discussed in a previous thread:



I also found some information about aquatic plants from Sulawesi on aquascapingworld.com

1. Sulawesi Aquatic Plant (Ottelia mesenterium (Towuti water plant))​

2. Sulawesi Aquatic Plant (Lymnocharus sp. (Sulawesi plant))​

3. Sulawesi Aquatic Plant (Eriocaulon cinereum)​

4. Sulawesi Aquatic Plant (Eriocaulon guineanensis)​

5. Sulawesi Aquatic Plant Chara SP Fragilis (Red cherry water plant)​

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If I can't find suitable plants from Sulawesi lakes, I would probably go with Pogostemon helferi (Downoi because) it looks similar to Ottelia mesenterium, which can be foudn in Lake Matano. And probably some Moss.






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