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FS Plants including AR mini, rotala colorata, ludwigia, hygro


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I did a large trim last night and have a few plants i would like to sell. Please PM with any interest. Buy seperate or all together. Please note none of these stems are perfect but i tried to price them accordingly.

AR mini- 9 Stems, $12 shipped priority small box.


Here is a very large lot of rotala colorata. Hard to guess how many stems but probably 25+. Some still have roots but most are trimmings. $20 for the whole lot shipped in a medium priority box or $10 for as much i can fit in a small priority box. I will have to cut some of the lengths down to the box size though.


This is a good size amount of mixed ludwigia repens, red, and maybe palustris in there too. Again some of these are rooted and most are trimmings. Looks like around a dozen stems here. $18 for the all shipped in a medium priority box or $12 for shipped in a small priority box but i will have to trim the lengths down alot to fit.


Hygro stricta- not positive on the identification but nice plants none the less. 6 stems which were trimmed as they were starting to grow out of the water thus the top leaves arent in great shape but these will grow out nice. $8 shipped in a small priority box.



Buy everything above shipped in a medium priority box for $30.

All normal plant disclaimers apply, may contain snails, shrimplets, cpd eggs, and duckweed.

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Sorry this is off-track, but those are interesting green streaks in your marble countertop.

Haha yes not exactly my style but was the prior owner's. Replacing it is on my "hunny do" list. This shrimp hobby isnt conducive to getting anything crossed off that list unfortunately.
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