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PH and shrimp


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Your water is considered hard water from those number. Most neos shrimps can thrive in that condition (especially red cherry shrimps)...tiger and tangerine tiger shrimps are hardy as well and can live in a wide range of water parameters.

Have you tested these number right out of the tap or let it sit for one day?

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I've tested it both ways and seems to stay steady at the numbers I gave.  I have cardinal shrimp for about a month in a 20L with limestone rock which gets the ph to 8, but the kh and gh stay the same.  From what I've read the gh is to high.  I haven't seen a molt yet to know if it will give them troubles.

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Oh and thank you for your reply.  The cherry shrimp do very well and breed prolifically, but they're a hardy bunch. Are blue tiger shrimp fairly sensitive and need more exacting parameter?

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