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Wild type neocaridina or tiger?


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need some identification on the shrimp in the pic attached. Whether is wild type neocaridina or tiger? (Note: I mean the clear shrimp on both images not the black or the yellow. It is the same shrimp on both images too.) Not sure why it uploaded upside down either.

I housed both neos and tigers together and I am worried theres a possibility it could be wild type as I'm confused about normal tiger shrimplets and their stripes. Do tigers get their stripes as they grow or could someone fill me in on more information as I cant seem to find much on this or pictures that I could relate to as I am having shrimplets that are clear with few black stripes but not full bodied.



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i have malayas in my tank too but I did ruled them out initially as I have been unsuccessful in growing their larvae separately but I know my females have been depositing lots of them in my tank. But not sure if their actually surviving to shrimplet stage. Any one owning Malaya shrimp could care to compare? Thanks

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