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Occasional Shrimp Deaths

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Just trying to figure out why I had about 1 shrimp death every week to every other week. I haven't had any die recently (thank goodness), but a little while ago I was having one death a week.


My parameters are fine (I have checked several times), if you want to know them i'll post but I doubt its that. I'm keeping Bees and Taiwan Bees.


I think most of the deaths are coming from the recent heat we have been having in Washington and after getting a mini fan I haven't seen as many deaths as before.


I was curious though because all of them look the same after death. They all look "fresh" and there is a dark area near their head. Nothing protrudes from their head but there is like a thick band that goes around the entire head.


I do seem to have some planaria in the tank, but compared to some I have seen they are super teeny tiny. I'm just going to start cutting back on feeding and they should dissapear.


Was mainly curious if it could be a bacterial or fungal infection? I don't have much experience with those so I don't really know what I'm looking for if that is the case. I don't have any pictures sadly.


I'm pretty sure it was just the heat, but off of my horrible explanation do you guys think it could be something else?



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