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Share your Shrimp Miracles

Steve R.

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Do you have any amazing stories about your shrimps?


I want to share two miracles involving my Sulawesi crown shrimps (Caridina sulawesi).

1. Some time ago, I put about 10 shrimps in a small container, not more than 200 ml, which I wanted to put in my cull tank in my office. I forgot about the container because it was hidden behind an aquarium. When I discovered it again a week later. About 90% of the water evaporated! I was first shocked and thought the shrimps suffered a terrible death. But I was totally amazed when I saw that all shrimps were alive. I did not measure the TDS but it must have been salt water like. I slowly added more water and the shrimps looked all good and survived.


2. Shortly before the X-mass holiday break, I added about 10 shrimps to two 10 gallon tanks each. When I cam back from my holiday after 4 weeks, I saw no berried shrimps or shrimplets, I decided to switch one tank from tap water to RO water supplemented with Bee Shrimp Mineral +. I moved all adult shrimps to the other 10 gallon tank and I did two radical water changes, within two weeks and got all water out of the tank (I left the plants in the tank) and quickly put the new water in. I did not pay a lot of attention to this tank and did not put any food into it. To my surprise I saw some movement later and upon close inspection I found more than 15 shrimplets in there (see picture). Now the first ones of the clutch are berried and I found a few tiny shrimplets. I am most amazed that the shrimps survived the radical water changes. Tough little fellas!



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