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140gallon stocking


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so my grandpa has a 140gallon tank and he needs help stocking, its established and everything but needs more fish, here's what Im thinking.

he already has 1 peacock cichlid and a few random stuff, he wants a few things ill list.

1 elephant nose

3 or so African butterflyfish

10 cpds

2 dojo loaches

6 upside downcatfish

5 bosemani rainbowfish


does this sound good??

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The Bosemani rainbow is a good choice.  The peacock cichlid will want higher ph and hard water which bosemani rainbows are well suited to.  Not are rainbows like high ph dwarf neon rainbow prefer slightly acidic water.

Check out the temperature and ph requirements for each of your fish.  If the peacock is the centerpiece look for fish that do well in higher ph water.

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